Marriotts Ridge's Tom Minard

Tom Minard, who coached Mt. Hebron to lacrosse state championships in 2002 and 2006, led the Mustangs to their first two wins since 2008 this season. Two weeks ago, he predicted the Ravens would beat the Patriots, although he had their ride ending with a Super Bowl loss to the 49ers. Minard has had a change of heart since then, though.  

Prediction: Ravens 24, 49ers 13


"Two weeks ago I said the Ravens' ride would end with a loss to San Francisco in the Super Bowl. Since then I have reconsidered that prediction and now I believe the Ravens' defense will be too much for San Francisco. The Ravens' offense will be led by Anquan Boldin with two TDs and Ray Rice with over 100 yards rushing. Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco will finally win the over the critics. Ravens 24, 49ers 13."

File photo/Fran Gardler
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