Hammond wins first girls lacrosse game in two years

Hammond knew the drill. Shortly after the postgame handshake, the Golden Bears assembled on the field for a picture to record the occasion. The scoreboard in the background read: Hammond 10, Oakland Mills 9.

It was Hammond’s first win since near the end of the 2010 season and it was the second victory for coach Bill Smith, now in his third year. In addition, it came on April 17, his birthday.

“This win, I’m shellshocked,” said Hammond sophomore Brigid Mangan, who led her team with four goals.

While Hammond’s offense scored in double digits for only the second time this year, it was really when the Golden Bears’ didn’t try to score that made a big difference in the game.

Hammond spread out its offense, holding the ball for almost four minutes before scoring the first goal of the game.

“It’s not really a stall,” explained Smith. “We wanted (Oakland Mills’ defense) to pull out and they weren’t coming. …When teams come out, we’ve had success getting back door” plays.

Oakland Mills’ defense played Hammond’s stall well in the first half, but ultimately fell victim to it in the closing minutes of the game when the Scorpions were unable to force a turnover.

“We’re capable of doing good stuff, again, it’s confidence,” Smith said. “I was impressed with how we handled the ball at the end and kept control and didn’t panic."

“We played our best and there’s not really anything that we could do about the stall because they were really good,” said Oakland Mills’ Rachel Hunter.

The momentum shifted several times during the game with each team getting a several goal lead. Up, 10-9, Hammond did the best job of protecting its lead.

“We knew we had to win the game,” said Hammond’s Zoe Pekins.

The loss was difficult for Oakland Mills, which was seeking its first victory of the season.

“I’m not upset by how we played. We played really strong defense and we handled the stalling situation pretty well,” said Oakland Mills coach Jamie Bowman. “A lot of people stepped up today to play really hard.”

Hammond 10, Oakland Mills 9

Goals: Ha – Brigid Mangan 4, Sarah Robey 2, Zoe Pekins, Michelle Sparling, Nicki Gardes, Shannon McCarthy. OM – Rachel Hunter 3, Marlee Slaughter 3, Delia Cleaver, Megan Phillips, Sarah Farrell.
Assists: Ha – none. OM – Rachel Hunter, Christine Woodcock.
Saves: Ha – Tina Asare 3, Ewurafua Asiedu 3. OM – Shakara Worrell 13.
Halftime: Hammond, 6-5.

Centennial 14, Wilde Lake 12

Centennial scored three quick goals, which served as a wake-up call to Wilde Lake.

“Then we started fighting back. Basically, the score was tied the entire game,” said Wilde Lake coach Davia Procida.

Each time Centennial scored, her team answered, Procida said.

Wilde Lake led, 11-10, before Centennial went on to win, 14-12.

“It was our first really exciting game of the season,” Procida said. “It really was eye-opening for our team. They are starting to believe that they can win and that’s what we are trying to teach them.”

Alicia Hsieh had four goals for Centennial and Dani Wilson added two.

Grayson Corbett led Wilde Lake with 11 draw controls and five goals. First year player Rachel Lazris had three goals and an assist.

“It was a tough loss, but I’m smiling after the game because I saw a team that’s headed in the right direction. It was a fun game,” Procida said.

Goals: C – Alicia Hsieh 4, Dani Wilson 3, Martha Hutzell 2, Grace Paterson 2, Devin McIntyre 2, Megan Oliver. WL – Grayson Corbett 5, Rachel Lazris 3, Kate Glaros, Sarah Moore, Jordan Carter, Doyle.
Assists: C – Dani Wilson 2, Sammie Albornoz, Grace Gavlin, Devin McIntyre. WL – Kate Glaros. Rachel Lazris.
Saves:  C – Maddie Albornoz 7. WL – Lauren Hutchinson 5.

Mt. Hebron 22, Reservoir 2

Goals: MH – Sam Brookhart 5, Amanda Steinmuller 4, Jen Giles 3, Soran Larlson 3, Haley Sutton 2, Jordan Stevens, Meghan Doherty, Bridget Mackrell, Jamie Schwartz, Ally Unkenholz. Re – Alexis Bartley, Leah Monroe.
Assists: MH – Jamie Schwartz 3, Sam Brookhart 2, Ally Unkenholz 2, Lauren Schaaf 2, Chachi Kelehan 2, Kieran Kelleher 2, Bridget Mackrell, Annalise Humm, Haley Sutton. Re -  none.
Saves: MH – Maddy Fisher 4, Caitlin Moynihan 5. Re – Brianna Weinman 8.
Halftime: Mt. Hebron, 15-2.

River Hill 16, Atholton 14

Goals: RH – Jenna Collins 6, Julia Collins 3, Emily Hamburger 3, Kendall Stull 2, Abigail Thielemann, Kelly Maloney. A – Kaelin Shaw 4, Jenna Brewer 4, Rachel Day 2, Olivia Healy, Ellie Matthews.
Saves: RH – Stephanie Paxson 9. A – not available.

Glenelg 21, Long Reach 6

Goals: G – Tagne Vandewall 5, Stephanie Asher 3, Julia Salandra 3, Hannah Doughty 2, Sarah Kaponis 2, Grace Perry 2, Alia May 2, Kendall Lutts, Danielle Baker. LR – Imani Sanders 2, Lillie Miller, Colleen Dudley, McKenzie Williams.
Assists: G – Tagne Vandewall 2, Danielle Baker 2, Haley Pettit 2, Marissa Gochar, Hannah Doughty, Rachel Lee, Sarah Kaponis. LR – Sadie McClelland.
Saves: G – Katelin Johnson 4, Megan Taylor 2. LR – Jessica Bates 6.

Marriotts Ridge 21, Howard 4

Goals: MR – Zoe Stukenberg 6, Marissa Davey 4, Maggie Brooks 4, Taylor Hensh 4, Megan Tuma 2, Jenna Kerr. Ho – Kristen Woolschlager 2, Katie Schluederberg, Madie Regal.
Assists: MR – Zoe Stukenberg 3, Taylor Hensh, Maddie Courtney. Ho – not available.
Saves: MR – Rachel Ortell 7. Ho – not available.

Chapelgate 14, Catholic 8
(April 16 game)

Goals: CCA – Emma Rufolo 8, Christina VanWingerden 2, Jen Yahiro 2, Katherine Cameron, Julia del Carmen. C – K. McGee 4, M. Morgles 3, S. Donatelli.
Assists: CCA – Jen Yahiro.
Saves: CCA – Emily Roberts 7, Kaitlyn Wetzel 3. C – K. McCoy 6.

Standings (as of April 17)
Marriotts Ridge, 6-0 county, 8-0 overall
Mt. Hebron, 6-0, 8-1
River Hill, 5-1, 7-2
Glenelg, 4-1, 5-2
Howard, 3-1, 5-2
Atholton, 3-3. 6-3
Long Reach 2-4, 2-4
Centennial, 2-4, 2-5
Wilde Lake, 1-4, 2-5
Reservoir, 1-5, 2-7
Hammond, 1-5, 1-6
Oakland Mills, 0-6, 0-6
Glenelg Country, 2-5 IAAM B, 2-5
Chapelgate, 5-3 IAAM C, 6-3

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