County urges water conservation

With temperatures nearing triple digits and a major water main to the county due to be repaired next week, Howard County's Department of Public Works has asked residents to conserve water, warning of a possible water shortage in the next few weeks.

The department announced Friday the repair of a major water delivery main in Baltimore City — one of two lines from the city that supplies the majority of Howard County's water.

Repairs to the water main are scheduled to being July 3, and are expected to take two to three weeks.

Ongoing monitoring of the 54-inch water main indicated the line needed immediate repair.

In a news release, the department advised residents and businesses they may experience low water pressure and possible water outages during the time of repairs. However, the department's Bureau of Utilities does not expect and water outages to occur "in the next few days," according to the release.

Still, the county has asked residents to shift non-critical water use, like washing clothes or dishes, to the morning hours if possible.

To reduce the threat of water shortages, the county has also asked residents to consider the following:

Minimize the use of washing machines and dishwashers by only washing full loads

Minimize outside lawn-watering

Minimize car-washing

Take short showers, not baths

Refrain from topping off pools unless necessary

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