CA board to take a swing at upgrading Hobbit's Glen golf clubhouse

It is now up to the Columbia Association board of directors to decide whether the Hobbit's Glen Golf Club will have a new golf clubhouse or a renovated one, and what that building will look like.

That board Thursday heard a presentation from The H. Chambers Co., a Baltimore-based architecture and engineering firm that has designed hundreds of clubs around the country.

Firm officials detailed three options and updated the estimated costs for each.

Those options include:

• renovating the clubhouse, gutting the interior and changing the layout, at a cost of about $5.7 million;

• building a new clubhouse on the spot of the existing building at a cost of about $5.85 million; or,

• building a new clubhouse, though with optional improvements to the golf course.

Those suggested improvements include adding a new "turn house" for an estimated $250,000; making modifications to the golf course, such as lengthening the driving range, enlarging the putting green and other changes, at an estimated cost of $230,000; and, changing the curb cut entry toward the building for an estimated $112,000.

The CA board has approved up to $6 million for the project.

All three options would take about 9 to 11 months to complete, with work not expected to begin until next year, according to Kenneth Hart, the firm's director of architecture.

The board could discuss the golf clubhouse at its next meeting, on April 26.

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