After loss at the polls, Dyer impeachment case proceeds

Even as the voters of Howard County made sure that county school board member Allen Dyer would not be getting another term in office, the case to have him removed from his seat is moving forward.

The Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings has scheduled two sessions of hearings on the case, one for May 7-9, the other May 14-15.

Those dates come a little more than a month after the April 4 primary election, in which Dyer placed eighth out of 15 candidates. Only the top six candidates moved on to the November general election, when voters will choose the three new board members.

After early voting, absentee ballots and election day votes were all counted, Dyer only had 5,368 votes, far behind sixth-place finisher Bob Ballinger, who had almost 1,000 more votes.

Dyer was elected to the board on his fourth try in 2008; prior to that he had been involved in several lawsuits in which he sued — or represented people suing — the county Board of Education. Two cases, filed during Dyer's term, remain open.

Although two ethics complaints against him were dismissed in May 2011, the board voted in June 2011 to ask the state Board of Education remove Dyer from his seat, alleging misconduct. Dyer has tried to have the charges dismissed.

According to a pre-hearing conference report and scheduling order, Dyer, who is representing himself, anticipates calling all members of the Board of Education as witnesses during the hearings. Three of those board members will also be called as witnesses for the board as well. Final witness lists are due to the office by April 23.

If the administrative judge decides Dyer did engage in misconduct, the matter will go before the state Board of Education.

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