Board of Appeals hearing on Clarksville funeral plans postponed

A Board of Appeals hearing on plans for a funeral home in Clarksville that was scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 5 had to be postponed because the hearing was not properly advertised by the county.

The law says the county has to advertise zoning hearings 30 days in advance, through a notice in the local newspaper and a sign on the property in question.

"There was an issue with advertising and posting," said Robin Regner, administrative assistant to the Board of Appeals. "They were never notified about the hearing."

Regner said the "mix-up" occurred because of a staffing change within the Department of Planning and Zoning.

A new hearing date has yet to be scheduled, but Regner said it will likely be in late February.

The hearing is about Jay Donaldson's plans to build a funeral home off Route 108 in Clarksville, next to St. Louis Catholic Church. Donaldson, who already operates funeral homes in Laurel and Odenton, needs the Board of Appeals to grant him a special zoning exception because the land is zoned residential.

Donaldson's original petition was rejected by the county hearing examiner after objections were raised by St. Louis church. He has since modified the plans, reducing the size of the funeral home, adding parking and enhancing the landscape buffering, among other changes.

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