County terminates Clarksville Commons deal

The county has terminated its agreement with GreenStone Ventures to develop Clarksville Commons, a mixed-use center of stores, offices and a hotel planned for the former Gateway School site next to Kendall's Hardware off of Route 108, because of differences with the Kendalls over access to the property.

Steve Kendall said he gave George and Holly Stone, the Clarksville residents behind GreenStone Ventures, an opportunity to buy an easement to use his driveway for access to the site, but "they just don't like the purchase price." He declined to comment further.

The Stones could not immediately be reached for comment, but previously told The Baltimore Sun that they were relying on the Kendalls' driveway for access to the site.

County Executive Ken Ulman said there is "a huge discrepancy, almost a laughable discrepancy" between what the Kendalls believe the easement is worth and what the county believes it is worth.

"Clearly, they were just not on the same page, and we'll have to see where it goes," Ulman said.

Meanwhile, Ulman said the county is going to focus on reworking the transportation network through Clarksville to get traffic off of Route 108 and improve access to the Gateway School site and other properties.

Once transportation and access issues have been addressed, Ulman said he plans to create a new deal — maybe with the Stones — to create the "forward-thinking development" he's been envisioning for years.

"It's all on the table," he said. "It's possible that we would go back and work with them (the Stones). It's possible that we would go back and work with others.

"I wanted this project moving five years ago," he said. "I certainly have a sense of urgency to move it."

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