Anti-bullying film to be shown at Columbia mall

"Bully," a documentary about bullying in U.S. high schools, is coming to the AMC Theatre at the Columbia mall.

The 2011 film depicts the bullying of five high school students — including two who committed suicide. It is being shown here as part of a local effort to confront what many educators and public officials see as a growing problem.

"We, as a community, must pay attention to the children in our schools who are potentially vulnerable to feeling unsafe and unprotected," County Executive Ken Ulman said in a statement announcing the film's showing in the county. "As a parent, I happily participated in this initiative to raise awareness of an unfortunate reality in our society and to help ensure our students receive the quality educational experience that Howard County is known for."

The film showings are sponsored by the Howard County Government, the Bar Foundation of Howard County and the Howard County Public School System.

Showings will be Sept. 29 and Oct. 6. Tickets will cost $4 before the date of the showing, $5 at the door.

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