School board vote tally

The top six vote-getters in the school board race (listed in bold below) have moved on to the general election in November, where three will win seats. Here's how the candidates fared:

Janet Siddiqui, 11,732

Ann De Lacy, 8,415

Ellen Giles, 7,612

Jackie Scott, 7,326

David Gertler, 7,286

Bob Ballinger, 6,232

Pat Gordon, 5,984

Allen Dyer, 5,285

Leslie Kornreich, 3,624

Mary Jo Neil, 3,572

Jim Adams, 3,424

Olga Butler, 3,422

Corey Andrews, 3,147

Owen Hanratty, 2,116

*Kelly Van Horn, 1,512

*Withdrew from contest too late to be taken off ballot

Provisional and absentee ballots not included

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