Editorial: Price tag on Dyer ouster shows foolishness of effort

More evidence has surfaced suggesting the foolishness of the county school board's tireless, and tiresome, efforts to oust fellow board member Allen Dyer.

That evidence comes in the form of a preliminary estimate of the cost of the impeachment effort to the school system. That cost, as detailed in a news story in this issue, is $63,000 — and rising, as it is does not include either the legal fees incurred since the end of June or expenses filed by board members who attended the hearings.

This impeachment from the start had the smell of a vindictive effort to oust a board member who had become a nuisance. It became even more unnecessary when Dyer lost the primary election in April, which means he will off the board anyway by the end of the year — quite possibly before his impeachment proceedings are concluded.

Board members say they plunged on with their lawsuit because, in the end, they hope to come up with a clearer definition of what constitutes "misconduct" bad enough to warrant ouster.

But was that worth the final cost of this effort, which could, when all is said and done, have funded a new teacher or two? Hardly.

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