Judge denies motion to dismiss effort to oust Dyer from school board

An administrative law judge Wednesday denied Howard County Board of Education member Allen Dyer's motion to dismiss a formal effort by his fellow board members to remove him from office.

Judge Douglas Koteen also denied board member Cindy Vaillancourt's motion to intervene in the matter.

Koteen heard arguments on the motions at a proceeding one month ago, where Dyer's lawyer, Harold Burns, said the school board's request to remove Dyer contained no facts, only conclusions, and no specific charges.

With Koteen's dismissal, the case for removing Dyer from his seat on the Howard County Board of Education will proceed. Hearings are set to begin May 7, 2012 –—one month after the primary elections.

Dyer is one of three board members up for re-election in 2012. He has said he intends to run, meaning he will be campaigning for a second term while fighting to finish out his first.

The board voted June 9 to request the State Board of Education remove Dyer from his seat on charges of misconduct. Dyer has frequently clashed with fellow board members and, on more than one occasion, sued the board.

The removal case was transferred to the Office of Administrative Hearings in Hunt Valley in July.

Dyer declined to comment extensively on this week's decision, saying only that it was a "mistake" and a "bad decision."

Koteen will make his recommendation on removing Dyer from the board following the May hearing. The final decision on Dyer's removal rests with the state board.

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