Police find shotgun shells and hunting knife in parking lot of Glenelg HS

Howard County Police believe a hunting knife, shotgun shells and a beer can found inside two vehicles in the Glenelg High School parking lot Friday morning were left behind by parents of the students, according to police spokeswoman Mary T. Phelan.

Phelan said there is no indication that there was danger to any of the students.

Police said they made the discovery during a random K-9 drug scan of the school parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Fireworks and tobacco were confiscated from three other vehicles in the parking lot, police said. 

Phelan said no arrests were made and no searches were conducted inside the school.

"Preliminary investigation indicates the family of the vehicle with the hunting knife are avid hunters and that the items were inadvertently brought to the school," Phelan wrote in an email.

According to an email sent to parents from the school, the discoveries violated the Howard County Public School System's polices for alcohol, drugs, tobacco and weapons, and that the students "received consequences."

"I want to assure GHS students and parents that the administration, teachers, staff, and police department remain committed to providing a drug, weapon & alcohol-free educational setting that supports the school system’s Goal two for establishing a 'Safe & Nurturing School Environment,'" said Glenelg High School Principal Karl J. Schindler.

Phelan said police conduct four to six random drug scans a year, and that the schools announce the scan over the intercom before it begins. 

The school is placed under modified lockdown while the scans occur, Phelan said.

Phelan said the number of officers and K-9s deployed differ depending on school size. On Friday morning, seven officers, one K-9 and one supervisor conducted the scan. 

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