Little Leaguer's moment of glory is captured on video

The proliferation of affordable handheld video cameras in the 1980s has led to no shortage of video clips from youth sports games. Doting moms and dads seem genetically predisposed to record their offspring dribbling, kicking and throwing balls on fields and courts across America. Then, in 2005, YouTube was founded, giving those parents an outlet to share their handiwork with more than just the neighbors and in-laws.

The results have included the good, the bad and the just plain ugly, but on Monday evening we received an email in our Howard County sports inbox that included a video that was pretty darn cool.

The video, which was recorded by David Thalheimer, shows Western Howard County 10U Renegades Red travel team slugger Woodie Lynott smacking a walk-off grand slam in a Mid-Atlantic Baseball Association tournament quarterfinal game against Elkridge.

While a walk-off grand slam is a rare occurrence at any level — from beer league softball to the big leagues — what makes the video really special is the reaction of the kids. The genuine joy and sense of fun really come across, and any viewer should be reminded of what it was like to play baseball during the summer as a kid.

Elkridge eventually had the last laugh, defeating the Renegades in a rematch in the championship game, but Lynott and the Renegades got a pretty good consolation prize: a cool story to tell for years to come, and the video to prove it.

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