Two men arrested for robbing Elkridge electronics store

Two Prince George's County men were arrested on Wednesday for robbing an Elkridge electronics store located in the 7300 block of Washington Boulevard, according to Howard County Police.

Tyrik Jerod Pilgrim, 25, and Valenica M. Jackson, 20, both of Camp Springs, were charged with several counts of burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property after police responded to Inter Connect Electronics in Elkridge early Wednesday morning.

Police said an officer responding to the business alarm at 1:54 a.m. Wednesday saw a man running away from the building and began chasing him.

The officer saw the man enter the passenger side of a sedan and drive off. The officer broadcast a description of the man and the car, and an off-duty officer observed the vehicle leaving a Best Western parking lot on Dorsey Road.

Later, a third officer initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle and the initial responding officer, who was called to the traffic stop, identified the passenger as the man running from the electronics store.

Police said several large spools of copper and communication wire were located in the back seat of the vehicle.

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