McDaniel College unveils new look for Green Terror athletic logo

It's still a terror, and is still green, but it's a new look for McDaniel College.

On Tuesday, the Westminster college unveiled a new look to its "Green Terror" logo — a new visual identity for Green Terror athletics that officials said will be used beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year.

The new look replaces the previous Green Terror design, created in 1994, and is described by school officials as an "updated package with a variety of graphic options to represent the teams and programs within the department."

Each of McDaniel's 24 varsity sports will have a sport-specific mark for use with the logo.

Along with the new logo, officials said a new Green Terror mascot character has been created — but the look of that mascot was not unveiled.

Officials said that through a process that began in September 2011, representatives of the college community — including student-athletes, coaches, faculty and alumni — served on a committee with Athletic Director Paul Moyer and Luke Stillson, sports information director, and worked on developing a new visual identity. The committee also worked with Francis Santaquilani of FS Design in Tennessee.

The logo incorporates the college's traditional green and gold, though a slightly darker, forest green is used.

In a release, McDaniel President Dr. Roger Casey said, "It was time for us to refresh our Green Terror logo and strengthen our brand through this new identity."

The school said the new identity will be phased in for the teams through purchasing cycles with new apparel and accessories. McDaniel will also debut a revised in August, which will display the new identity. Merchandise will be available in the campus bookstore after July 1.

According to school officials, the Green Terror nickname first appeared in print in 1923 in a report on a game with Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va., when the football team was called by their opponents the "Green Terrors" because they were a "rugged, battling crew with indomitable fighting spirit."

Another version of the moniker story is attributed to Baltimore Sun sportswriter W. Wilson Wingate, a 1918 graduate of the College.

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