Letter: Rothschild's claims against state planning and environmental efforts 'preposterous'

On Aug. 22, a press release that I consider one of the most contemptuous to have ever come from the County Office Building was issued on the stationary of Commissioner Richard Rothschild.

Instead of county communications coming from the Board of Commissioners as official statements of opinion, Rothschild has chosen to continue to use county staff to assist him in issuing his preposterous political spin.

In my view, the press release is a compilation of blatant lies and exaggerations. It's Rothschild's way of declaring his personal war on the State of Maryland's Departments of Planning, Environment and Education and using public staff, equipment and money to do it with.

Rothschild takes another shot against Smart Growth and the state law that requires all Maryland counties to place future growth where there is adequate, affordable infrastructure for it. In an attempt to incite the public, he states that "If the county fails to comply, we are prohibited from future major subdivisions." That's baloney and he knows it.

Our expandable infrastructure lies withing our towns and the Freedom Planning Area — they are the logical, affordable places for new growth when they have the means to accept it.

In my opinion, Rothschild and some other commissioners want to make way for unrestricted residential growth here by providing a clear playing field for developers when the housing market rights itself. Their vote this week to eliminate impact fees for school projects is a pretty clear indication of their motives. Using a smoke screen of hype about "constitutional property rights," Rothschild and his chums seem hell bent to eliminate development regulations from the county during their remaining terms in office. Citizens need to be alert and just as determined to stop them from doing so.

Rothschild rails at the concept of "Maintenance of Effort" spending in schools while ignoring that the citizens of Carroll County have an elected Board of Education that is better equipped to comment on that topic. In plain words, he needs to butt out and let the BOE and Superintendent Stephen Guthrie do their jobs.

Rothschild has invented a preposterous plot by the Maryland Department of the Environment, which he states will lead to the inability of millions of Marylanders to drive their cars. That's right up there with his absurd claims about the United Nations having a plot to take over the county with Agenda 21.

If Mr. Rothschild and any other county commissioners wants a war with three state departments, the Legislature and the governor, I am sure they and the Maryland Attorney General's office will gladly engage them.

Meanwhile, Rothschild should try writing his opinions by himself, from home, and sending his wild utterances & missives out from his personal computer instead of the County communications network.

Neil Ridgely


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