Bull shot in Mount Airy after escaping transport to meat processing plant

A Carroll County Sheriff's Deputy and a Frederick County Animal Control officer shot and killed a bull that escaped from a meat processing plant and became aggressive — after leading law enforcement on a 2-mile chase through Mount Airy on Thursday, Dec. 29.

According to a release from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, the bull escaped while being transferred from a truck to Wagner's Meats, a processing plant in the 600 block of North Main Street early Thursday morning.

Tom Wagner, owner of Wagner's Meats, called the police to tell them the bull had escaped.

According to Wagner, the owner of the bull didn't back his truck up far enough and the bull "zoomed" away.

"When you've got animals, you've got to be smarter than they are," Wagner said.

When the deputy arrived, he saw the bull charge at a bystander and leave the area, traveling "in close proximity to a day care center," the release said.

The deputy followed the bull to a field beside the intersection of Prospect Road and Old Annapolis Road — an intersection that is two miles away from the meat processing plant.

In the field, the deputy tried to contain the animal in order to protect citizens in the immediate area.

But the animal charged the deputy and rammed the deputy's police cruiser — damaging the driver's side taillight, according to the report.

The bull resisted additional attempts by the deputies to confine it, again becoming aggressive and charging at them. At that point, a deputy who feared for his safety shot the bull twice with a shotgun.

Wounded, the bull fled into a nearby wooded area, where an officer from Frederick County Animal Control arrived on the scene and killed the bull with a pair of rifle shots.

The sheriff's office said the bull's body was released to the owner.

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