Volunteers needed for Smithsonian traveling exhibit

Michel Elben
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The Carroll County Farm Museum will hold volunteer docent training for the Smithsonian traveling exhibit "The Way We Worked" at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday, April 27 at the museum.

According to a Farm Museum press release, the training will last one hour and will feature materials from the Smithsonian Institution as well as insight from nationally known museum consultant Rob Forney. The exhibit will be on display at the museum from May 26 through July 14.

To register for the training, call the Farm Museum at 1-800-654-4645 or email ccfarm@ccg.carr.org. Volunteers who are interested in becoming Smithsonian exhibit docents but are unable to attend the training can also contact the museum and register so training materials can be provided at their convenience.




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