Chamber of Commerce honors public safety personnel with awards ceremony

Sykesville residents Wayne and Darlene David were in a bedroom of their residence when they heard a woman screaming for help.

They ran down to the apartment below theirs, and when Wayne David walked into the apartment, he found a young man holding a knife saying he had to kill the woman in the apartment.

David said he spoke with the man.

"And I don't know how but somehow talked him into giving me the knife," David said.

At one point, the man started to move as if he was going to try to harm the woman again, and David restrained him until officers with the Sykesville Police Department arrived. It was only when he started to restrain the man that he felt afraid, David said.

"I was just happy I could help my neighbor," David said.

For his actions in September 2016, the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce awarded David with the Gold Medal of Valor during the chamber's first Public Safety Awards held Thursday morning at the Portico in St. John's Catholic Church. David received a standing ovation from the audience, which was filled with members of the public safety community, including law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders.

"I'm still shaking. I'm still emotional from this," David said.

David was among several people who received awards during the ceremony. It was the first year the chamber put on the awards and was the brain child of Lisa Degitz, one of the members of Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

Degitz said she comes from a family with law enforcement and military. She attended public safety awards in Frederick County and wanted to bring the idea back to Carroll, she said.

"Because they put their lives on the line for us. All we have to do is push a few buttons on the phone and they're there," Degitz said.

Sgt. Kilgore, who spoke on a video, said David deserved the award because he was able to diffuse the situation and save the woman, while also detaining the man.

"I truly believe Mr. David was a hero and I truly believe he saved the life of his neighbor that day," Kilgore said on the video.

In addition to the Gold Medal of Valor, the chamber also awarded the Bronze Medal of Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Youth Citizen, Outstanding Citizen of Year, Correctional Officer of the Year, Prosecutor of the Year, Unit Achievement of the Year, Probationary Officer of the Year, Volunteer EMT of the Year, Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Distinguished Achievement Award, Life Saving Award, Tele-communicator of the Year and Supervisor of the Year.

The Bronze Medal of Outstanding Performance went to Westminster Police Department's Sgt. Jeff Schuster, Detective Todd Rutledge and Detective David Jones, who investigated a bank robbery at the PNC Bank on Englar Road. The robbery ended up being linked to other robberies and through the detectives' work, they were able to identify and apprehend the suspect, Chief Jeff Spaulding said on a video played during the ceremony.

Senior Assistant State's Attorney Cara Frieman took home the award for Prosecutor of the Year.

After the ceremony, she said the award was a surprise because she was on maternity leave when nominations were due. The two other nominees were people she looks up to and often consults, she said.

"So to be selected is really an honor," Frieman said.

Hampstead Police Department's Office Jonathan Cranshaw won Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Like Frieman, he was surprised to win the award, but said it felt "awesome."

"I feel respected. It [is a] great acknowledgment the community is showing toward law enforcement. It feels like the community has your back," Cranshaw said.


Award winners

Supervisor of the Year: Chief Thomas Coe, New Windsor volunteer fire company

Nominated: Lt. Thomas Kowalczyk, Westminster Police Department; Fire Officer Bryon Wlker, New Windsor volunteer fire company

Tele-communicator of the Year: Emergency Communications B/C Shift: Samantha Flater, supervisor, and specialists Carl Luksic, Ashley Burgan, Charlie Green, Kaylen Swartzbaugh, Emily Franklin, Kim Jones, John Krebs, Ben Robinson

Nominated: Lisa Cooper, Westminster Police Department

Life Saving Award: Officer Martin Runk, Westminster Police Department

Nominated: Deputy William Budd, Carroll County Sheriff's Office; Lt. Mikel Hess, Westminster volunteer fire company; paramedic Steven Chao, EMT Michael Erdman, Lt. John Bangerd, Lt. Chad Petry, EMT Dyland Baker, firefighter Robert Schwarzman, firefighter Christian Hicks, Westminster volunteer fire company

Distinguished Achievement Award: Deputy Brian Colussy, Sheriff's Office; Chief Wayne Livesay, Carroll Community College

Nominated: Trooper Jaret Duran, Maryland State Police; Trooper Michael Fair, Maryland State Police

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year: Officer Jonathon Cranshaw, Hampstead Police Department

Nominated: Officer Michael Beaumont, Westmister Police Department; Trooper Michael Fair, Maryland State Police; Officer Stephen Curry, McDaniel College Department of Campus Safety

Volunteer EMT of the Year: David Coe, New Windsor volunteer fire company

Probationary Officer of the Year: Officer Dinambi Butler, McDaniel College Department of Campus Safety

Unit Achievement of the Year: Deputy Gregory Piper, Deputy Douglas Kriete, Cpl. Michael Fitzegerald, Sgt. Phillip Lawrence

Prosecutor of the Year: Senior Assistant State's Attorney Cara Frieman

Nominated: Economic Crimes supervisor Melissa Hockensmith, Senior Assistant State's Attorney Sandra Johnson

Correctional Officer of the Year: Deputy Nicholas Clark

Outstanding Citizen Award: Correctional Deputy Jack Medeiros and Tamara Medeiros, Rita's Closet

Nominated: Tarah Myers

Outstanding Youth Citizen Award: Benjamin Cook

Bronze Medal of Outstanding Performance: Sgt. Jeffery Schuster, Detective Todd Rutledge, Detective David Jones, Westminster Police Department

Nominated: Lt. Mikel Hess, Westminster volunteer fire company; Officer Timothy Rife and Officer Vincent Rizzo, Westminster Police Department

Gold Medal of Valor: Wayne David

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