Edmondson Avenue traffic signal operational as of Jan. 16

The traffic light in the 500 block of Edmondson Avenue, located by the on-ramp for Interstate-695 North, was to become fully operational Wednesday night, weather permitting.

The signal had been flashing in all directions for traffic at the ramp and on Edmondson Avenue.

The temporary signal was installed to accommodate anticipated extra traffic produced by the necessary detours during the construction on the Frederick Road bridge over the Baltimore Beltway.

That construction is expected to close access to the outer loop, causing both directions of traffic to be rerouted onto the inner loop toward Edmondson Avenue, where they can regain access to the outer loop.

"That's to enable us to tear down that side of the bridge and move forward with that," said David Buck, a spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration.

"Because of all the extra traffic we're going to have on Edmondson Avenue, we put a traffic signal there," Buck said.

The light has been in place for a number of weeks, but Buck said full operation could not commence until the bridge construction was ready to begin.

"That signal, we put that up several weeks ago," Buck said. "But it's a temporary signal. It's only going to be up for six weeks or so.'

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