Sidewalks on Catonsville road to be ADA compliant within month

Work on a stretch of sidewalk on South Rolling Road that began in early May is to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to a spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration.

David Buck said the $350,000 project started at the beginning of May at South Rolling and Wilkens Avenue and will finish at the busy road's intersection with Bloomsbury Avenue within the next month.

This 8/10-mile stretch of sidewalk was a priority for the SHA, Buck said, because of its proximity to schools and senior housing.

Brightview of Catonsville, an assisted living facility, is at 912 S. Rolling Road, near the intersection with Wilkens Avenue, and the Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies, a part of the Baltimore County school system, is at 901 S. Rolling.

The Catonsville Y is also nearby, as is the College Hills residential development.

The Catonsville campus of the Community College of Baltimore County is located on the 800 bock of South Rolling Road.

Catonsville High School's campus is adjacent to the 500 block of South Rolling Road, near the intersection of Bloomsbury Avenue.

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