Catonsville students take Ravens bus to school

With a school bus painted black, purple and gold sitting in their driveway all week, there was only one way for a group of Catonsville students to go to school on the Friday before the Super Bowl..

David Welsh, 9, Jack Aldave, 12, Hally Aldave, 10, Scott Ricktor, 11, and Rebecca Aldave, 8, arrived at the parking lot of St. Mark School in Catonsville with John Aldave, owner of Purple Ravens Game Time bus, behind the wheel of the bus, which is used for tailgating parties during the season..

Aldave, his brother, Roberto, and eight friends bought the vehicle in 2001 for $1,200.

In addition to painting it Ravens colors, the group installed cushioned seats, and several box seats from Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, in the 1985 vehicle.

John Aldave, 51, a Ravens season ticket holder since 1996, was a loyal Baltimore Colts fan before the team was taken to Indianapolis.


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