Park and Ride traffic signal on South Rolling Road to be operating Friday

The traffic light on South Rolling Road at the Park and Ride lot — a short distance from the Wilkens Avenue intersection — will become fully operational Friday, according to State Highway Administration Spokesman David Buck.

The signal had been installed to alleviate dangerous conditions for those attempting to leave the lot and to stem the line of cars that forms daily on the Interstate-195 exit to South Rolling Road.

"The signal will only be called up when people are coming out of the Park and Ride," Buck said. "That'll help in the afternoon to anyone coming off 1-95 to get on to South Rolling."

Though it has been in place for weeks, the light finally began flashing Monday to give drivers a heads up that it will be working soon.

"We keep it on flash for at least three days to get people accustomed to the fact that it's going to be turned on," Buck said.

The signal had been expected to become operational before the end of October.

Buck said that, though there was no immediate rush to get the signal turned on, there was a unplanned delay after Superstorm Sandy drew resources away from daily operations for BGE, the company supplying power to the signal.

Rachael Lighty, a spokeswoman for BGE, confirmed the reason for the delay.

"Events like that can always push back regular work," Lighty said. "Business operations are kind of halted during storm restoration."

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