Pages from the Past: Weasel eludes police and firefighters in retreat from Catonsville firehouse in 1912

An article in the Sept. 21, 1912 edition of The Argus reported an uninvited guest to the local fire house.

The engine house of the Catonsville Fire Department was the scene one morning this week of a spirited attack upon an unwelcome visitor, a large weasel. How it got into the engine house is puzzling the firemen. About 8 o'clock in the morning, the men were at their daily tasks about the house when one of them espied what he thought was a large rat. He made a hasty retreat, calling on the others for help. Patrolman Stevens joined in the battle and the weasel escaped. It went into the yard of Mr. George MacDonald, adjoining the engine house.


During the severe electrical storm Sunday night, lightning struck the cottage on the estate of Columbus Davis on Paradise avenue, and occupied by John Radford and family. One of the gables was torn off and weatherboarding on the side of the house was ripped off. Mr. Radford and his family escaped without injury.


Mount de Sales Academy, on Edmondson avenue, opened Monday for the scholastic year with a large attendance. The academy underwent a number of improvements during the summer.


Misses Regina and Irma Rabbe entertained about 20 of their young lady friends Monday afternoon at a card party, followed by luncheon. Tables were arranged on the porches and the house was decorated with goldenrod, dahlias and ferns. After luncheon, Mrs. Conrad C. Rabbe sang several solos.


John Gibbons, a tramp, who says he recently refused to return to Philadelphia and share in an estate worth about $52,000, was in Catonsville this week and visited his usual abode in the Catonsville Police Station.

Gibbons, who has traveled this country from ocean to ocean and from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, stated that hobo life appealed to him and that he would rather be tramping than living in a mansion. He has been locked up at Catonsville on several occasions on different charges. He stated that he was on his way to Western Maryland.

75 Years Ago

An article in the Sept. 17, 1937, edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian advertised a poster contest for an upcoming event.

Plans have been completed for the annual Catonsville Community Flower Show, to be held at the Catonsville High School September 25. A cash prize is offered for the best poster advertising the show. Contestants are required to make their posters and place them in some prominent place in Catonsville before the show. On the morning of the show, posters must be brought to the high school for judging by eleven o'clock.

Members of the high school Poster Club plan to compete. Gordon Douglas has already placed two posters with special attention given the lettering.

Both flower show and poster contest are open to all amateurs.


The U.S. Post Office Department is asking bids for property on which Catonsville's new $100,000 post office building can be erected.

The Government announced that an appropriation of $100,000 for a new post office building has been approved. This is part of a $23,000,000 fund set up by Congress for new post offices in towns throughout the country where the volume of postal receipts justifies the expenditure.


A petition signed by 192 persons, including Sister Louise, superintendent of St. Agnes' Hospital, was presented the Public Service Commission last Friday, asking that the Baltimore Transit Company route its Beechfield Avenue bus line through Violetville.

The proposed bus route is as follows: Turning south off Wilkens Avenue at Caton Avenue, to Taylor Avenue, to Collidge Avenue, to Haverhill Road, thence back to Wilkens Avenue.

50 Years Ago

An article in the Sept. 20, 1962, edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian recognized a local teacher for his accomplishments and contributions to Catonsville High School's stellar reputation throughout the county.

Over the past thirteen years, Catonsville Senior High School has established a tradition in music education of which the community can be very proud. The man who provided the leadership and was greatly responsible for the accomplishments of a large number of students is Robert C. Taylor. For thirteen years, Mr. Taylor has been the instrumental music teacher of Catonsville High School, and during that time has dedicated himself to his work in such a way as to win the respect, not only of many of his students, but also their families.

Now Mr. Taylor has left Catonsville for another challenging position in the new Woodlawn Junior High School. However, he is leaving behind a record of achievement which his successors will be hard-pressed to equal. Over the years, Catonsville has command the respect from students and teachers all over the county who have known of its accomplishments in music. Under Mr. Taylor's direction, Catonsville has maintained one of the best high school orchestras in Maryland.


Three youths were tried before Magistrate Albert Styles at the Halethorpe Court on Sept. 14 and were given probation before verdict on charges of taking baked goods valued at $41.15 from a truck parked in the 5400 block East Drive at 4:40 A.M. on Sept. 13. They were apprehended in a car at Shelbourne road and Stevens avenue. Police also found beer under the right front seat.


The 13th District Republican Club sponsored a jousting tournament last Saturday, Sept. 15 at 2 P.M. at Wilton farm, Wilkins avenue and Maiden Choice lane.

A parade preceded the event starting at 1:15 P.M. at Sulphur Spring road and East drive in Arbutus.

Members of the Amateur Jousting Club of Harford County, Inc., performed on their specially trained horses, which carried the lance-bearing riders past the rings with pin-point accuracy.


Westgate Community Association, which was organized more than 30 years ago and was inactive for several years, was recently reactivated. It now boasts a membership of more than 250 families in the area bounded roughly by Mallow Hill, Braeside, Old Frederick, Stamford, Westgate and Frederick roads.

The present officers are: President, S. Clayton Shores, Jr.; Vice President, Earl Robinson; Secretary, Mrs. Edward W. Auld; Treasurer, Edward W. Auld.

Material from archives courtesy of the Catonsville Historical Society.

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