Catonsville's power source took turn for worse in 1911

An article in the June 17, 1911 edition of The Argus reported on a blackout in Catonsville.

Catonsville was in darkness for several hours Monday night owing to the water wheel of the Baltimore County Water and Electric Company being broken at its power house at Avalon, on the Patapsco river.


It is the general observation that the thunder storm of Saturday night and the one on Monday night were more severe than any other that has visited Catonsville in years. In both storms, the lightning was of a most vivid character, and terrifying to the timid, yet there appears to have been but few trees and buildings struck, probably because the air current made no connection, or few, with that of the earth.


The advance guard of the much talked about seventeen-year locusts have made their appearance in Catonsville. It is said that there the ground is full of grubs and that the warm weather will bring out the insects in great swarms. This pest is a serious menace to foliage, but as yet no very successful panacea has been found for fighting it.


The Catonsville Boy Scouts donned their new uniforms for the first time on Saturday and with their staves in hand formed ranks at Paradise avenue and Frederick road where they were joined at 3 P.M. by the Roland Park and B.& O. Y.M.C.A. troops on their march from Irvington. With the Catonsville boys in the lead, they proceeded up Frederick road and turning into Newburg avenue marched to Lurman's woods. There they made their encampment on the left side of the avenue.

75 Years Ago

An article in the June 12, 1936 edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian announced the expansion of its coverage area.

Beginning with next week's issue, The Herald will have not less than a page each week devoted to the communities of the Thirteenth Election District and immediately adjacent territories.

Halethorpe, Relay, Arbutus, Lansdowne, St. Denis, Kensington, Ridgewood and English Consul will be represented.

We believe that grouping the local news of the Thirteenth District in this manner will meet with the approval of our readers. We also believe that the new policy will result in greater convenience for our readers in locating news items originating in their own communities.

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our regular correspondents, Mr. Charles E. Sheehan has been appointed district manager for this area. Mr. Sheehan, who will assume charge of the news, advertising and circulation, can be reached by telephone at Arbutus 25-M.


Edward Powell, 7 years old, of Kent Avenue, Catonsville, was taken to the West Baltimore General Hospital on Monday suffering from head injuries and lacerations of the left leg as a result of being struck by an automobile near his home.

Arthur P. Boone, Wade Avenue, Catonsville, driver of the automobile, was released later by Magistrate John Loeber, pending the outcome of the child's injuries. The boy is the son of John Powell, of Catonsville Manor. According to Patrolman M.E. Kimmelshue, the child was walking eastbound on Johnnycake road when he was hit by the car going in the same direction.


It's all settled about the recent dry weather spell which was broken over the week-end. It seems that the locust holes in the ground, estimated to go down as far as seven feet, absorbed the surface water to the extent that crops were being seriously threatened.


Don't forget the Carnival being held on the Community Hall grounds at Oella on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights of this week for the benefit of the Dickey A.C.

50 Years Ago

An article in the June 15, 1961edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian celebrated the opening of a new fire station so residents will no longer have to wait for special units from Towson or Baltimore when facing an emergency in a tall building..

Residents of Halethorpe are proud of their new fire station which was occupied for the first time on Monday, June 5.

The spacious one-story structure with three bays will have enough room to house a pumper engine, a jeep, an ambulance and an immense ladder truck which will be delivered in September. Firemen in the western section of the county will no longer have to summon a ladder truck from Towson or Baltimore City fire departments when a fire breaks out in a tall building.


It appeared for a while that at last the refreshment stand of the Catonsville Midget League would be free from vandalism but this hope was shattered on Thursday, June 1. Although unable to break in through the door or damage the lock, vandals cut out the metal window on the front of the stand. Fortunately for the League, no money is kept there overnight but an undetermined amount of candy and two completely stocked first aid kits were stolen. It is known from past experiences that school children have been the offenders. League President William Seeburger has made known that the vandals, if apprehended, will be prosecuted.


The excitement of an automobile fire in front of her home at 309 Newburg avenue caused Mrs. Gertrude Hamilton to suffer a heart attack on Tuesday of last week. She was transported to St. Agnes Hospital in the Catonsville ambulance. The fire destroyed the interior of the car.


The new chapel at Spring Grove State Hospital will be dedicated this coming Sunday, June 18 at 2:30 P.M. The program will begin in Rice auditorium of the hospital, moving later to the chapel, a room which served as an industrial shop prior to August, 1960, when this shop was relocated in the new Rush Building.

The vacated room was then redecorated and equipped by the Women's Auxiliary of the hospital as a chapel for Protestant and Catholic services for patients. Another room, equipped by a group of Jewish women, is already in use as a memorial synagogue.

Material from archives courtesy of Catonsville Historical Society.

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