Letter: Chromosome number incorrect but feature on 95-year-old Catonsville resident right on target

It was a pleasure to read Brian Conlin's feature article about Charles Sipes ("Music strikes chord for 95-year-old," Catonsville Times, March 7) He has had a remarkable life and his children are rightly proud of him.

His son states, "It's refreshing to think I've got 32 of his chromosomes in me." He has the right number but the wrong order. A child, son or daughter, has 23 of each parent's chromosomes in each cell of his/her body. Only a few chromosomes probably contribute directly to longevity.

This is a small correction of a very nice article.

I would like to see more feature articles about the stars of Catonsville.

I love to read about these fantastic people and how Catonsville helped to mold them. I can think of several teachers, both at Hillcrest Elementary and Catonsville Middle schools, who also live in Catonsville.

Dr. Dean Tippett


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