Letter: Temporary power outage a reminder of those who do have no power

This past week has been very hard on a lot of people. We are so used to flipping a switch and the lights go on. Press a button and air conditioning clicks on to cool our homes.

This past week has shown a lot of people how dependent they have become on these luxuries that we all take for granted.

I, too, find that, when I am without AC, I become very grouchy and am not nice to be around. I like being able to turn on TV on a hot night and enjoy the cool air blowing on me while I indulge in watching.

There are people who did not feel the effects of the electrical outage this past week because they have been living without such everyday luxuries for days, weeks and some for years. They are our homeless.

The men, women and children, who live on the streets, in their cars or under highway bridges are easy to forget. Next time you see someone on a street corner, asking for some change, you might want to think twice about not helping out. That change could be the money needed for a cold drink on a hot day or bus money to get to a safe place for sleeping.

Sure, some of the money may be used to buy drugs or alcohol. I am not naïve in thinking that it won't. But it is not for me to judge.

A little change won't make a difference in your life. But it may well make a difference in the life of a man, woman or child living on the streets.

A little compassion is all it takes to make someone's day a little brighter.

Gloria Powell


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