Letter: Need for caution, but not alarm, at Catonsville elementary school

After reading the recent article in the Catonsville Times about the supposed traffic problems at Westchester Elementary School ("Traffic fast becoming issue at school," Oct. 10), I felt I had to respond. Mr. Vahlsing reports that conditions require additional controls.

I, for one, disagree, as one or another of my grandchildren have been dropped off and picked up while attending this school for the past nine years and will continue for at least the next couple of years.

Although, understandably, traffic increases in inclement weather, it has always been orderly.

I feel Mr. Vahlsing is being an alarmist in requesting speed humps or anything else. I seldom see any signs of excessive speed occurring.

If there is, I would expect the Baltimore County police force to take appropriate action controlling it, as they have in the past on Edmondson Avenue.

Just above the school, the county recently installed a traffic circle at the intersection of Old Frederick Road and Edmondson Avenue to expedite the flow of traffic in this area.

Now there needs to be some road courtesy encouraged while using the same traffic circle.

Randall Halsey


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