Baltimore County Executive visits Democratic Club in Catonsville

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz visited the Southwest Baltimore County Democratic Club in Catonsville Monday evening to talk about taxes, technology and public education.

Approximately 30 community and Democratic Club members filled nearly every seat in the Bloomsbury Community Center room to hear the talk.

Kamenetz spoke for an hour about issues ranging from the country-wide sequestration's possible effect on Baltimore County to possible solutions to the overcrowding of Catonsville elementary schools.

According to Kamenetz, the county has spent more than $1 billion on school construction and renovation in the past 10 years but will need to consider additional solutions to the expanding population.

"We're clearly keeping our pace, doing our part," Kamenetz said. "But we're dealing with a system that is aging and then growing at the same time."

He also addressed the upcoming sequestration — automatic federal spending cuts that will go into effect Friday March 1 that could cause economic distress throughout the United States.

Though many are concerned about the effect this could have at a local level, Kamenetz said Baltimore County should be relatively safe.

"Our economy is a lot more diverse in Baltimore County, so in terms of employers, we don't feel there's going to be the same hit as in Montgomery County or Howard County," Kamenetz said.

"Believe it or not, we're actually OK," he said.

Mark Weaver, president of the Southwest Baltimore County Democratic Club, was thrilled to have Kamenetz at the meeting and enjoyed hearing about community-centered issues.

Weaver said he appreciated the care and focus Kamenetz gives to the community.

"He pays attention to what the people want," Weaver said.

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