Winners at the 18th annual Edible Art show

The awards for the 18th annual Edible Art competition included a $100 gift card to Target for the People's Choice winner and $75 gift cards to Target for the winners in the High School/Community division. Winners of the Middle School and Elementary School divisions won $50 dollar gift cards to Target.

There were 19 elementary school entries, 12 middle school entries and 72 high school and community entries.

People's Choice

Heritage Instructional Services (home school) elementary section — "The World"

High School/Community

1st place: Catonsville High School seniors Hannah Jeffrey, Clay McCoy, Seamus Ertel, Katie Broussard, Duncan Berry — "Carl the Crocodile"

2nd place: Catonsville High School seniors Shirley Kurinij, Alyssa Judson — "The Lorax"

3rd place: Catonsville High School seniors Kim Gregory, Kristina Bowman, Lacie Ritter — "Peacock"

4th place: Catonsville High School sophomore Casey Radner — "Up!"

Middle School

1st place: Heritage Instructional Services 7th/8th-grade art class (homeschool) — "African Masks"

2nd place: Eduardo Kelly, Susanna Kelly, Paige Ritter — "The Tank"

3rd place: Adnaan Dasoo — "Noisy Boy"

4th place: Katie Arndt — "Zebralicious"

Elementary School

1st place: Jami Citko, Kendall Hogarth, Sydney Hogarth — "I'm Crabby"

2nd place: Clare Smith — "Hamburger"

3rd place: Marty Schmidt, Eddie Schmidt, Anthony Maseda, Jude Pontzer — "Sweet Tweet Treats"

4th place: Gibson Spiridigliozzi (Relay Elementary School kindergarten) and Milo Spiridigliozzi (age 3) — "Pi(e)rate"

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