Schools' closing and workers telecommuting means traffic flowing despite snow falling in Baltimore County

Baltimore County motorists reacted well to Monday morning's snowy reminder that winter is not yet over, according to Baltimore County Police.

"Countywide, the crash situation hasn't been that bad at all," said Louise Rogers-Feher, a spokeswoman for county police, on Monday morning. "People are generally being smart."

That intelligent approach was not always apparent on some roadways, however.

"Please tell your readers" not to pass salt trucks and plows, she asked.

Let them do their jobs, she added.

"There's not a lot going on. Schools are closed. That makes a big difference," she said on the decision of the county school system to close after earlier announcing schools would open two hours late.

"Plus, some businesses have gotten smart in letting people telecommute," she said.

"It's (traffic) to be expected," she said of the morning commute.

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