Participation in rewards program paid off

Residents who shop at Giant or Safeway grocery stores or Target are encouraged to sign up for the rewards programs at the stores that benefit school. Participants do not need to have children at an area school to enroll.

Recent examples of projects funded in part by shopping rewards programs include:

Arbutus Elementary School: Training to help teachers incorporate yoga into students' daily activities.

Catonsville High School: New LCD projectors and retractable screens in auditorium and cafeteria

Catonsville Middle School: Support for students attending field trips, computers.

Hillcrest Elementary School: New equipment for physical education classes, new whiteboards for classrooms.

Relay Elementary School: Library remodel with new chairs and tables and a circulation desk. A cart and steam cleaner for school custodian.

Westchester Elementary School: Small laptops for students and white boards for classrooms.

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