Gunman robs Howard man at Catonsville bank

For the fifth time in seven weeks, a gunman in southwestern Baltimore County has robbed a bank customer, according to Baltimore County police.

The latest incident occurred Tuesday at 11:05 a.m. at the Wells Fargo Bank at 860 North Rolling Road in the 40 West Shopping Center where a Howard County man had gone to make a deposit.

The man was approached by a robber with a silver handgun who told him to drop the duffel bag he was carrying, police said.

The gunman, picked up the bag then fled, running south on North Rolling Road, police said.

The incident resembles four others in the area that police are investigating as connected.

Police would not say if the most recent incident is related to the previous four.

Baltimore County police spokeswoman Louise Rogers-Feher said those using ATMS should be extra cautious.

She advised to avoid using ATMs at night and to use ones that are well-lit and well-traveled.

If a customer feels uncomfortable or notices someone looking over their shoulder, they should immediately walk away, Rogers-Feher said.

Drivers using a drive-up ATM should keep their doors are locked, she said.

Business representatives should vary the times of day they make deposits as well as the route they take to the bank, Rogers-Feher said.

Employees should also attempt to keep bank bags discreet, she said.

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