Carney: St. Isaacs' assists members of sister parish in Haiti

We survived Superstorm Sandy, the presidential elections, Halloween, and the end of daylight saving time

Now let's backtrack to October since this column was a no-show here last month,

The Haiti Committee of St. Isaac Jogues parish, which was started six years ago and comprises of members Debbie Boyce, Shirley Zongker, Sean Hackett Al Rose, Carole Glowacki, Larry Melocik, Frank and Paula Bonomo, Barbara McLean, Angela Daggett, Tom Girgash, David Micozzi, and Jim Sydnor reports that St. Isaac's partnership with its sister parish, St. Anthony the Hermit in Chenot, Haiti, continues to be a blessing for both parishes, spiritually and materially

The Feeding Program provides hot lunches for 615 elementary students daily and a hot lunch program for middle-school students twice weekly Other accomplishments have been improving road conditions leading to Chenot; a trade school to teach cooking and sewing for women and training for young men in masonry and carpentry skills; installation of a generator that provides electricity for church and rectory; convent and school and Internet satellite service.

All in all, St. Isaac's has been able to share $70,000 this year to provde for professional school expenses, generator cost, Internet hook-up and the school feeding program.

The Maryland State Fair in September is ancient history, but congratulations are due to the art students at the Parkville Senior Center who were awarded prizes in the Fine Arts Department:

Linda Brown, a third and two fourth prizes; Marilyn Cutter, a first (special award) and a fourth; Barbara Conrad, a first; Joseph Greenwell, a second; Marguerite Hagan, President's Award; Sonia Hovatter, a fifth (Anna Troyer Award); Betty Jeary a first; Marta Lorenzet, a third and fourth; Karen Maddox, a fifth; Barbara Mueller, a third and fifth; Charlotte O"Connor, a first and second; Carolyn Tiernan, a fifth, and Carolee Yannacci, a first prize.

Their teacher, Lois Owen, received two firsts; a second and a third in the professional class.

My Perring Park neighbor Trish Denny has asked me to share a concern she has about wildlife she has seen wandering through her backyard after dark. I have seen. a couple of foxes running through the neighborhood at night," Trish says. "and cats , rabbits, squirrels and other small animals are tasty morsels for them."

Make sure you keep an eye on your pets if you let them out at night and do not leave them outside in the dark to fend for themselves. While foxes generally run from humans, the threat of rabies is always there.

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