Letter: Bottom line: New CVS will increase traffic, lessen quality of life

As a resident of Baltimore County, I am opposed to CZMP Issue 5-019 filed by JC Bar (CVS). The issue is one of public safety and continued quality of life in Carney.

The proposed CVS location is on Harford Road only slightly south of the intersection of Harford and Joppa roads. Having vehicles, both northbound and southbound on Harford Road, enter and exit from CVS at this point so close to the failing intersection of Joppa and Harford roads will be very unsafe.

What the failing intersection does not need is another large commercial enterprise to disrupt the traffic flow at this critical point on Harford Road.

We need someone to care about the quality of life in Carney and the safety of its residents and all those who use Harford Road to travel through the community of Carney.

We are in a "David vs. Goliath" situation because CVS has sent out an expensive color brochure to try to get residents to support this CVS who may not be familiar with the dangerous nature of the intersection.

CVS wants this store because it is good for their bottom line not because it is good for the Carney community. While they will be able to close the two CVS stores, it will leave our business district with two additional unrented storefronts.

Meg O'Hare, president

Carney Improvement Association

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