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Dog park etiquette

Not just any bowser can have dog park privileges. To begin with, license and immunization are a must.

Dog owners must fill out a membership application online through the local recreation council website.Enrollment has not yet begun for Perry Paw Family Dog Park.

There will also be a fee. No fee amount has been decided yet for Perry Paw Family Dog Park, but the other county dog parks charge $25 annually.

Here are some other rules of etiquette for dog parks in Baltimore County:

• Dog owners are legally and financially responsible for any injuries caused by their dog and use the dog park at their own risk.

• Aggressive dogs are not allowed.

• No alcohol, smoking, human food or glass containers.

• Frisbees, balls and training treats are OK. Bones, rawhides and squeaky toys are prohibited because they can trigger conflict.

• No children younger than 12 inside the park.

• No more than two dogs per owner.

• No retractable leashes.

• Dogs may never be left unattended inside the park.

• Clean up and dispose of your dog's feces.

• No sick dogs allowed, including ones with fleas, ticks or worms.

• No dogs in heat.

• No puppies younger than 4 months.

• No professional dog trainers or groomers conducting business.

• No excessive barking.

• No running by humans.

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