Wynnewood Warriors host the Divisional championships

The Wynnewood Warriors closed its summer season by hosting the Divisional championships.

The highlight of the meet was David Wilbourne who broke a 24-year old record in the 9-10 backstroke. Wilbourne, who also won the idividual medley, was one of three multiple winners.

Dominic Klemm won three individual events while Haley Committe won two individual events and a relay and Isabella Klemm won two individual events

Divisional results

6-and-under girls: Mary Angell, 2nd free, back, 1st relay; Violet Holsey 8th back; Kathryn Mix, 4th free, 5th back, 1st relay

6-and-under-boys: Matthew O'Donnell, 2nd free, 5th back, 1st relay; Dylan Hicks, 3rd free, 3rd back, 1st relay; James Wilkins, 8th back, 9th free.

8-and-under girls: Sophia Jauquet, 8th free, 9th back, 10th fly; Isabella Klemm 1st back, fly, 2nd breast, 2nd relay; Andrea Magbulos, 8th fly, 2nd relay; Francesca Woody, 4th breast.

8-and-under boys: Stephen Geisler, 2nd back, 5th free, 2nd relay; Gavin Kolb 4th back; Juan Quintero, 2nd breast; Robert Sullivan, 3rd back, 8th free; Jakob Wilkens, 7th free, 2nd relay

9-10 girls: Emma Angell, 5th breast, 6th IM, 8th back, 2nd relay; Katie Beuchel, 3rd IM, 3rd fly, 7th free, 2nd relay; Emily Geisler 7th breast, 9th free; Anna Kidd 3rd breast, 4th IM, 7th back, 2nd relay; Veronica Schweitzer 2nd fly, 4th back, 6th free, 2nd relay.

9-10 boys: Peter Jauquet 6th free, 6th breast, 4th relay; Aiden Klemm 7th breast, 4th relay; Luis Quintero 4th IM, 7th back, 8th fly, 4th relay; Tomas Quintero 8th back; David Wilbourne 1st IM, back, 2nd fly, 4th relay.

11-12 girls: Rachael Deems, 6th fly, 8th IM, 9th free, 5th relay; Skyler Fitzgerald, 5th relay; Kristina Murtha 6th back, 5th relay; Alexis Patterson 7th breast, Alejandra Sullivan, 6th IM, breast, 7th back, 5th relay.

11-12 boys: Timmy Beuchel 8th breast, Martin Jauquet, 4th IM, 5th breast; Derek Kemble, 4th back, breast, 6th fly, 2nd relay; Dominic Klemm 1st IM, free, back, 2nd relay; Ryan Reitterer, 2nd relay; Tyler Seth, 5th, fly, 6th free, 2nd relay.

13-14 girls: Haley Committe, 1st IM, free, 2nd breast, 1st relay; Amber Geisler, 5th free, 6th back, 1st relay; Haley Myers, 8th fly, 10th free; Sandra Naylor 5th breast; Christia Schweitzer, 1st back, fly 2nd IM, 1st relay; Emma Walsh 2nd back, 4th fly, 8th IM, 1st relay;

13-14 boys: Cory Gibson, 7th free, 9th fly, 1st relay; Ross Kidd, 1st free, 3rd back, 3rd fly, 1st relay; Max Klemm 1st fly, 2nd back, breast, 1st relay; Jordan Santiago 5th free, 10th IM, 1st relay.

15-18 girls: Kelly Culotta, 3rd breast, 7th back; Katie Dawson, 7th breast, 8th IM, 10th fly; Katie Hutcheson, 5th back, 6th IM, fly, 2nd relay; Carrie Naylor, 1st breast, 5th IM, 6th free, 2nd relay.

15-18 boys: Andrew Casto, 3rd free, back, 4th fly, 2nd relay; AJ Committe 9th IM; David Committe, 5th breast, 7th free, fly, 2nd relay; Cole Cremen, 7th back, 8th IM; Cory Reitterer, 4th breast; Eric Walsh 6th IM, fly, breast.

The Wynnewood Warriors finished the post season by sending several swimmers to the Straehle Invitational Meet on July 26.

Here are the results of the swimmers who placed in the top 15 at the prestigious meet.

8-and-under girls: Isabella Klemm, 6th breast, 11th free.

9-10 girls: Katie Beuchel, 10th breast, 14th IM.

13-14 boys: Max Klemm, 5th fly, 10th back, 13th breast.

9-10 girls free relay: Katie Beuchel, Emily Geiser, Anna Kidd, Veronica Schweitzer, 12th.

13-14 girls: Haley Committe, Amber Geisler, Haley Myers, Christian Schweitzer, 15th.

13-14 boys: Cory Gibson, Ross Kidd, Max Klemm, Jordan Santiago, 12th.

The following week the Warriors hosted the divisional championships.

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