Super Bowl celebration continued Monday in area

Less than 24 hours after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, in the Super Bowl, local fans were still enjoying sharing some of their favorite moments from the historic win.

Joyce Blake, a waitress at Gianni's on Washington Boulevard, was still proudly wearing her lucky Ravens socks and a jersey with Ray Lewis' No. 52 on the back and the word Farewell.

"My socks made them win," said Blake, who never wears socks except for the Ravens' games. "I was just amazed with the game, and I couldn't believe the lights went out. They did that so they could relax."

Gerard Jackson, who works in Halethorpe, said he was looking forward to watching the game replay — so he can see the second half. Jackson listened to the rest of the game on the radio.

"At halftime, they were looking good, but when they stopped looking good, I had to turn the TV off," he said. "That's one of my superstitions. If they don't look good, I have to cut it off."

Two graduates of the Western School of Technology and Environmental Science were enjoying the game while having lunch at Sorrento in Arbutus.

"My favorite part of the game was the beginning," Sam Cummings said. "We started off so strong, and it was so much fun."

Brad Booth said he made sure he was paying attention before and after halftime.

"The score right before halftime (Jacoby Jones' 56-yard touchdown reception) and right after halftime (Jones' 108-yard kickoff return) were my favorite parts," Booth said.

Catonsville resident Sharon DiPace, a dance teacher at Lansdowne High, said she loved the Jones' kickoff return for more than just the score.

"No doubt that was my favorite," said DiPace, who laughed when she admitted she loved his end zone celebration dance. "I'm a dancer."

Like many Ravens fans, DiPace also made sure she did the same superstitious things she had done during the previous playoff wins.

"I had to wear the same shirt, and we cooked the same food," she said.

Hopefully, she'll have a new Super Bowl championship Ravens shirt to wear, thanks to Lansdowne softball coach and physical education instructor Jamie Izdebski.

"Jamie went to try and buy us all championship shirts," she said.

Former Lansdowne High student Christina Allen's favorite memory was of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's dejection at the end of the game.

"When he was laying there with his head down, it was like, 'Yes, it's really over, and he knows it,' " Allen said.

Lansdowne High junior Kyle Wojcinski, a multisport athlete who plays football, lacrosse and wrestles, said watching the Ravens hold off the 49ers after they had a 28-6 lead was tough.

"The game was so nerve-wracking, I just wanted it to end," Wojcinski said.

Though fans were out and about celebrating after the game, local public safety officials said Sunday night's Super Bowl victory did not spark any sort of unusual or unruly behavior in Catonsville or Arbutus.

The Wilkens Police Station said Super Bowl Sunday was no different than any other Sunday and that there were no incidents reported in relation to the game.

Both the Arbutus and Lansdowne volunteer fire departments had similar experiences and quiet nights.

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