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Owner of Ice Cream Cottage has not bought restaurant-bar in Arbutus

Steve Moran isn't certain how the rumor began.

Moran said he has had customers at his ice cream shop coming in and congratulating him for his "acquisition."

But Moran, who has owned the Ice Cream Cottage at 1348 Stevens Ave. in Arbutus for 15 years, did not buy Leon's Triple L Restaurant nor did he make an offer, he said June 22.

"People are shaking my hand as if I've already bought the place," Moran said referring to the restaurant owned by Leon Lineburg at 5309 East Drive. "As much as I'd love to own Leon's, it's just a rumor."

"Mr. Leon is obviously having some health problems and people start talking about what's happening to Leon's," Moran theorized as to how the rumor started.

An employee at the Leon's Triple L Restaurant confirmed that Lineburg recently had an operation and was recovering at home.

The employee said he anticipated that Lineburg, who has owned the restaurant for more than 50 years, would return the last week of June.

"Leon's will never be sold until Leon passes," Moran said. "We can at least hope that Leon lives for 20 more years."

If the opportunity to purchase Leon's Triple L Restaurant ever presented itself, Moran said he would look into acquiring it.

"I'm always interested in owning anything in Arbutus that will keep Arbutus as nice as it is," said Moran, who noted that many other people would probably have an interest in the restaurant.

The question remains, why has a rumor spread so quickly about a restaurant?

"It means community," Moran said about the restaurant before comparing it to the bar in the sitcom Cheers. "I think of community. People going to eat, going to drink, going to meet.

"(Lineburg's) done a lot for Arbutus and whoever ends up with Leon's, whenever that is, I hope continues that."

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