Arbutus street to get long-awaited repairs to roads, gutters and sidewalks

David Fadrowski moved to his home on Leeds Avenue about 20 years ago and even then the roads, sidewalks and gutters needed work, he said.

"The sidewalks are in dismal shape. The curbs are busted up. The sidewalks are busted up," Fadrowski said, noting a storm drain near his home became dangerous when it sunk several inches. "The roadway needs to be repaired as well in certain spots."

Fadrowski won't have to wait much longer for a fix.

Baltimore County is scheduled to reconstruct Leeds Avenue from Southwestern Boulevard to Linden Avenue in April, said Department of Public Works spokesman David Fidler.

The $1 million project to repave the road and replace its curbs, gutters and sidewalks will likely continue into the fall, Fidler said.

"We expect it to be done much sooner than that," Fidler said.

The construction of the sidewalks will address concerns the county has received from area residents, Fidler said.

Baltimore County will distribute a leaflet to the residents of Leeds Avenue March 12-16 warning of potential inconveniences due to the construction, Fidler said.

He said the county anticipates some traffic problems to be caused by the work.

But Arbutus Business and Professional Association president Patti Sue Nolan said she doesn't expect the construction to hurt the downtown businesses.

"People don't come to Arbutus by accident anyway. You have to know where you're going," Nolan said. "People will be able to get around, but it may not be the quickest route."

And when the construction is completed, Nolan said it will be prove worth the hassle.

"It just puts a new face on the neighborhood when you drive through and you see how nice it is and how clean it looks," Nolan said. "I think it's going to help the whole attitude of Arbutus."

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