Downtown Arbutus pub opened Friday after 6-week delay

One of Andy DePaola's first business decisions for his downtown Arbutus pub and restaurant bucks superstition and the advice of his wife, Janet.

DePaola braved the supposed bad luck that accompanies Friday the 13th by having the grand opening of DePaola's Pub and Grill on 1401 Sulphur Spring Road on April 13.

"(Janet) told me I shouldn't have it on the 13th, but I'm going to wing it anyway," DePaola said days before the opening.

DePaola's previous restaurant ventures include running the Colonial Inn, in Fells Point and Breadman's Pub, in Highlandtown.

The bar and restaurant section is finished and will feature a full bar and a variety of entrees.

The menu features Angus, turkey and salmon burgers, flatbreads, soups, salads and sandwiches containing corned beef corned on site, DePaola said.

DePaola originally scheduled the opening of the pub and grill for March 1, but that got postponed six weeks because the building that once housed the Sulphur Spring Inn needed more renovations than he anticipated.

"We just ran into problems," DePaola said about the building near the intersection of East Drive and Sulphur Spring Road.

Delays will happen, said DePaola, the owner of a roofing company, "when you start to uncover stuff and you find out the floor's rotten and you wind up digging out 80 years of wood on top of each other."

Though DePaola's Pub and Grill opened Friday, DePaola said he still has more renovations on tap.

A wine room attached to the restaurant still needs some more work, but DePaola estimated it would be completed in May.

DePaola called the wine room "a laid back" place where he hopes to have area wineries feature their wines, educate amateur oenophiles and offer pairings with food.

"I'm proud of the whole entire place," said the Sparks resident. "It was a place that needed to be picked up and that's what we did."

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