Neighborhood near UMBC has speed humps installed to slow traffic

Four speed humps installed on Birch Avenue near downtown Arbutus on Tuesday should slow traffic in the residential neighborhood.

David Fidler, spokesman for Baltimore County Department of Public Works, said the $22,000 project added the speed humps to the 3,000-foot road between Sulphur Spring Road and Locust Avenue.

The traffic calming came after community residents pushed for the county to take action to slow traffic along the winding street with double-sided parking near the University of Maryland, Baltimore County campus.

The project's design followed a survey by the county's Traffic Engineering Bureau that showed the volume of cars and the speed they traveled met its requirements for the humps, Fidler said.

To qualify for traffic calming, a road must have a peak volume of more than 150 cars in an hour, with the average speed exceeding the posted speed limit by seven miles per hour.

The peak volume of traffic on Birch Avenue reached 197 cars in a 60-minute span, Fidler said in March after county engineers did a survey.

The average speed of the vehicles traveling down Birch Avenue was 32 miles per hour, over the 25 mph speed limit for the neighborhood.

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