Burglaries plague northern Harford County as police try to make arrests

The northern end of Harford County has seen an uptick in burglaries, although some major arrests have also been made, Sgt. Mike Boyd, of the Harford County Sheriff's Office, told the Community Council at the Highland Senior Center in Street on Thursday.

The council covers Whiteford, Cardiff, Pylesville and Street.

"Probably the most bothersome thing on our plate here is, we are seeing an upswing in daytime burglaries in the upper part of the county," Boyd said. "A lot of people up here have the really bad habit of not locking anything."

Police have nevertheless made some big arrests, including one recent suspect who was allegedly responsible for 30 burglaries around the county, Boyd said.

He did not recall the suspect's name, but said the person was arrested around the time of the superstorm Sandy.

"He was very busy but he was very dumb because he was documenting every one of them," Boyd said about the burglar and the homes he hit. "We were very happy to catch him."

Burglars are targeting prescription drugs as well as electronics and jewelry, he said.

"The people that are doing these burglaries, most of them are drug addicts," he said.

"Monday and Tuesday seem to be the most popular day [for burglaries]," Boyd said, adding the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. are the most common times.

He said the Whiteford Pharmacy was apparently burglarized on Sunday and other remote homes around the county are being targeted.

"The upper [part], northern Harford, Fallston area – they are targeting houses that are farther apart and remote," he said. "We are even having churches broken into and they are taking some of the money left in the rectory or poor box."

Boyd encouraged residents to lock all their doors, hide valuables and possibly use tools like a dog to scare burglars away. He also said with the upcoming holidays, it is important for people to not take purses to stores and to keep presents in the trunk of a car instead of in clear sight.

"If someone's going to do something, at least make them work for it," he advised residents. "Hardly anybody locks the door between the garage and the kitchen. A lot of people forget to put the garage door down."

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