Burglary spree hits Darlington; old Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp. site to be demolished

A wave of burglaries has hit Darlington, Lt. Richard Miller of the Harford County Sheriff's Office said Thursday night at the Whiteford Community Council meeting.

Since the beginning of October there have been seven burglaries at homes in the Darlington. He said residents in the northern Harford area should report any suspicious activity to the police department immediately.

The suspect is breaking into homes during the day while the owners are at work, Miller said. He said the thieves are stealing items such as jewelry, cash, coins and prescription medications.

"These are things people can sell or trade for drugs," Miller said. "These are things they can haul out of the home quickly."

The sheriff's office has increased patrols in the Darlington area, Miller said. He said the department is setting up aggressive traffic enforcement in the area to gather information on suspects.

"We're looking at suspects who have committed crimes like this previously and setting up traffic stops in the area," Miller said. "We're pretty comfortable we can put a dent in this thing."

Miller said the sheriff's office does not have a "concrete" suspect, but is working alongside the county's criminal investigations division for leads.

During the council meeting, members from the Harford County Department of Emergency Services announced the abandoned old Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corporation at the intersection of Routes 136 and 165, could be torn down as early as December.

Clarence Ross, of Harford County emergency services, said three contractors are bidding on the demolition.

He said he took a walk through of the property recently and it has been securely locked so no one can get into the building, which has been deemed a health hazard because of asbestos.

The site was formerly used to manufacture and distribute pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides for farms.

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