Family, friends, community reeling from crash that killed three siblings

News of the death of two brothers and their sister from Fallston Monday night have sent shock waves rippling through Harford County, from close family members distraught over their loved ones deaths to complete strangers saddened by the tragedy.

"It's just really sad," said a cousin, who only gave her name as Shannon, of David S. Bauguess, 29, Ashley M. Bauguess, 24, and Joseph M. Bauguess, 17, all of the 1300 block of Marquis Court, who were all killed in a three-car crash Monday night on Route 543 just south of Wheel Road near Bel Air.

She and two friends stopped around mid-day Tuesday to see the site of the accident. They walked along the guardrail, into the wooded area along the side of the road, stopping here and there, searching for any items that may have belonged to Shannon's cousins.

At one point, as her friend picked up a small, wallet-size picture from the ground and showed it to Shannon, Shannon doubled over in tears, saying "Oh my God" over and over as she clutched the photograph.

The same friend picked up a rearview mirror with a beaded decoration and an air freshener hanging from it and held onto it.

After 20 to 30 minutes, Shannon and her friends got back in the car to leave, too distraught to say much of anything.

"They were just young people who shouldn't have died," Shannon said as she got in the car, then broke down into tears again.

Ashley Bauguess had been a student at Aberdeen High School. While her Facebook page says she was a member of the Class of 2006, Harford County Public Schools officials said she went inactive in 10th grade.

The school system's records don't go back enough to include David Bauguess. Joseph Bauguess was not enrolled in a public school in Harford, a school system spokesperson said Tuesday.

Neighbors react

In the quiet Rochelle Meadows neighborhood in Fallston where the Bauguess siblings lived, few cars were parked in driveways or along curbs.

Near the family's home on Marquis Court, a car with several people inside parked on the street, and the occupants got out and walked somberly into the residence.

An unidentified relative opened the door at the house. He said TV news crews had been coming and going all day and his wife was distraught. He didn't want to speak about the horrific accident.

"It's too tragic," the man said.

Around 5 p.m. Tuesday, the same man said by phone that his wife was still too distraught to talk about the children.

Robert Dulsky, who lives across the street from the Bauguess home, said he didn't know the family well, just a few friendly waves now and then.

"Everybody dies, that's life," Dulsky said. "The way [their lives] ended, it's unfortunate."

Joan and Larry Simmons, who live down the street from the Bauguess home, said they didn't know the family either. The couple wasn't aware that the accident they had been hearing about on the news all day involved people in their own neighborhood.

"It's horrible, horrible, horrible," Joan Simmons said.

Hearing about the accident over and over that morning hit home for Simmons, who has two children, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

"I can't imagine anything happening to them," she said. "I feel very sorry for them [the family]."

Online condolences

Similar sentiments had been shared all day in social media forums. People didn't have to know the Bauguesses to be saddened by the devastating news of the siblings' deaths.

"How awful. I can't even imagine the grief their parents are feeling," wrote one person on Facebook, while another posted: "Absolutely heartbreaking!!!"

Friends, family and strangers are sending messages of sympathy and prayers.

Among other Facebook posts were: "Pray for them. Pray for them a lot" and "I just can't sad. As a parent myself, this is a nightmare. A very real and scary nightmare. I will definitely be praying for them," were among the other messages.

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