Tuesday Bel Air Farmers Market has a new home

The Tuesday Bel Air Farmers Market has finally moved to its new downtown home.

Every Tuesday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the recently completed parking lot next to the Main Street Tower Restaurant is home to the farmers' market featuring locally-grown fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as ice cream from a local dairy farm and locally-made breads and desserts.

The parking lot at 39 S. Main St. was completed last month following the demolition of the former BB&T Bank building. The Tuesday market was previously held at the parking lot off Boulton Street near Route 24.

Vendors and customers had been looking forward to the new downtown home for the farmers market in a more central location to draw in lunchtime foot traffic. So far, the change appears to be working.

Alice Remsberg, of Belvedere Farm in Fallston, has sold the farm's fresh, colorful flowers at the Tuesday market since the market's creation three years ago.

"We're definitely getting more customers [at the Main Street location] than before," Remsberg said during market day earlier this week.

Rachel Sawyer of Rachel's Ro Cocoa Finales – desserts including cherry cookies, blueberry pie and vanilla bean tea cakes – agreed with Remsberg.

"This year, we're getting a lot of foot traffic," Sawyer said. "We're in the heart of town. Before, on Route 24, everyone drove past us. By the time people saw the sign, they were gone."

Lisa Lester, who said she stopped by the market because she wanted a tomato sandwich, ended up leaving with plastic bags filled with cantaloupe, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

"Everything looked so good!" she laughed. "I love the new location. It's within walking distance for me."

The market is also easily accessible for Patty Milich, who works in downtown Bel Air and said she was visiting the market during her lunch break.

Though Millan said she thinks the market needs more vendors and diversity, it will be "worth checking out" again in the future.

The only drawback of holding the Tuesday Bel Air Farmer's Market in the Main Street parking lot? According to Remsburg, "some people are complaining that there's no parking."

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