Tollgate Village blocked in by tree

A tree felled by the hurricane briefly blocked in residents of Tollgate Village, who have been advocating for an emergency access road between their community and adjacent Bel Air Acres.

A resident who left a message with The Aegis said the hurricane's aftermath was a good example of why he and his neighbors need another way to exit the development.

Bel Air Acres, which is off Route 1, backs up to Tollgate Village, off Tollgate Road.

Ed Stauch, president of the Tollgate Village Homeowners Association, said Tuesday a fallen tree kept people from being able to leave the development for about an hour on Sunday, as Hurricane Irene was passing.

"[The development] was totally blocked in," Stauch said. "It was down for maybe an hour before it was reported to me."

Stauch said that he is working on trying to remove three more dead trees.

On Monday, Harford County Executive David Craig said the fallen tree was an example of why the community needs another access point.

"It's exactly the situation, or a car accident," he said about the tree.

Harford County hosted a meeting in early June to try to negotiate a compromise between the two communities; Bel Air Acres does not want such a road.

At that meeting, Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company Chief William Snyder assured Bel Air Acres residents the road would be gated and locked to prevent its use for anything other than emergencies.

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