'Tremendous' amount of graffiti reported in Rocks State Park

Someone with an artistic, or nihilistic, bent did a job on Rocks State Park this past weekend – a paint job, that is.

Maryland Natural Resources Police are investigating an extensive amount of paint that was spilled around the area of Kilgore Falls, spokesman Sgt. Brian Albert said Thursday.

Although some painting and vandalism are frequently reported throughout the park, "it was a tremendous amount. It took gallons of paint to do it," Albert said.

He said it was "just graffiti," not specific images or messages, and did not know exactly how large of an area the vandalism took up.

"They had to be there for a good while because it was a relatively large area," he said.

The paint was dripping from many of the rocks around the scenic falls, he said.

The investigation was prompted by a seasonal employee who reported it over the weekend.

The graffiti remains up for now, and he did not know when the park was planning to clean it up or how long such work might take.

An employee at Rocks State Park's main phone number said the park manager, who would be the only one to comment on it, would not be available until Tuesday.

Police had no suspects in the case as of Thursday. They are asking anyone with information to call the Natural Resources Police' Gwynnbrook office, 1-800-628-9944, or NRP's 24-hour dispatch, 410-260-8888.

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