Howell heads Harford Republican Central Committee

The Republican Central Committee of Harford County recently elected Derek J. Howell as its chairman and Teresa Reilly as its vice-chairman.

Gregory Johnson and Sharon Price were unanimously re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Voting took place Nov. 23.

Prior to his election as chairman, Howell told the committee that if elected he would "concentrate on uniting and growing our party."

According to a news release from the committee, in anticipation of being elected chairman, Mr. Howell prepared a memorandum for all Republican Central Committee Members, which, in part, contained his vision for uniting and growing the Republican Party in Harford County.

In his memorandum, Howell presented his vision by utilizing the acronym "R U FIT," which he created specifically to help unite and grow the Republican party in Harford County.

"R U FIT" stands for: Recruiting; Uniting; Fundraising; Informing; and Training.

Howell explained: "We need to 'recruit' new Republican voters and Republican candidates for office; 'unite' the Republican Party across Harford County; 'fund raise' to ensure financial assistance is available for Republican candidates who run for office; 'inform' Republicans and residents of Harford County about the important work elected Republican officials are doing in the County and in Annapolis; and offer various 'training' sessions for Republicans, Republican candidates and citizens of Harford County.

Anyone wishing to contact Howell can e-mail him at

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