Perryville to consider legal options for getting casino revenue

Perryville Mayor Jim Eberhardt hopes to hear about the town's legal options now that he is unsure if Perryville will receive the local impact funds, its share of the revenue from Hollywood Casino Perryville.

Eberhardt said he will hear at Tuesday's town meeting about what the town can do at this point.

"It will probably be a closed session because there might be some legal issues," he said. "The town could be taking some legal action."

Eberhardt said Perryville was counting on the revenue impact money for items such as a police outreach program and fire services. It cannot get the money in other ways because state and federal grants dried up this year, he said.

He explained earlier this month that the town does not want to sign the current agreement for the revenue impact funds because Cecil County officials inserted a sunset clause that he and the town commissioners disagree with.

The clause gives an expiration date to the agreement for impact money use that would bring the agreement to an end in three years.

"That was never conveyed to us, that was never a thought when we approved it," he said of the agreement. "One of the things that really concerns me is when we developed our plan, yes, it did have a long-term town hall [project] and a police station. However, what people hadn't mentioned is we had a long-term police outreach program… It wasn't just building new buildings. There were some things in there that were pretty critical."

Eberhardt said the town was also expecting to allocate about $20,000 toward fire services.

"They were to be funded with that money," he said. "There are some real critical things, the children's outreach program and the fire department, [to be funded] with that money."

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